The Party That Never Ends

Nightclub video production is one of the most enjoyable products we do because they are alot of fun to film – we love getting on the dancefloor and capturing revellers lost in the moment. The chance to make a music video style aftermovie and meet a whos-who in music can’t be beaten! It’s also something that can go drastically wrong in the wrong hands with the wrong kit. It’s hard to achieve good results due to several factors such as low-light, changing light (lasers, floodlights, spotlights etc) and people – how can you get the best out of regular folk who may be too embarrassed to get in front of camera? We only use experienced camera operators who aren’t the shy and retiring type – they also love to get on the dancefloor and have fun too!

Types of Nightclub Videos


Aftermovies with DJ pieces to camera

With TV Presenter

Event Trailer / DJ Showreel

Venues & Brands we have filmed at and for

The Process

  • Initial FREE no obligation telephone or email consultation to find out what type of nightclub video you require.
  • Refundable Deposit – 50% of the agreed total amount or the full amount payable once a rough cut is produced (if it’s a last minute shoot and there’s no time for deposits).
  • If TV Presenter required – We will find availability for your chosen presenter. You can find a wide selection of presenters via Star Now – a popular casting website. Your chosen presenter may not be available to film, so please select a top 3 or 5.
  • Script / Questions to ask – You will guide our producer and presenter on 2-3 key questions or specific subject matters to cover during the interview (if required). We all want a natural interview, so we always aim to rephrase or ask different questions when we film.
  • Filming – generally, we film anywhere from 3 to 6 hours depending on length of video required and the overall content required.
  • Editing – typically within 2-3 days you will receive a rough cut to view via a private YouTube link. We will work together to ensure it is of optimum quality. We can also turn-around your video within 24 hours, depending on content requirements.
  • Payment – Full payment is required before the video is released (via a secure wetransfer link) as a web HD optimised video file (1080p, h.264).
  • Upload – once you have ok’ed the video via a private YouTube link, you will be sent the raw web-optimised file ready for your own YouTube channel, or, we can upload to the Standard Cut Channel or our partner site –
  • Video description / Video SEO – you should create a short paragraph for your video description, along with good quality video tags. We can do some of this Video SEO work for you, for free.

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