The shows not over

Your sales pitch and marketing that you worked hard on to achieve and maintain on the trade show floor can continue for as long as you keep it uploaded to video sharing sites such as YouTube.

A Trade Show Video Report produced by Standard Cut will utilise engaging TV Presenters to bring over your products and services to any prospective client or indeed someone with minimal pre-existing knowledge of your industry sector through a video report.

Not only will the video look great, engage and maintain internet attention spans for 3-5 minutes but it also adds a sprinkle of glitz and glamour to your presentation stand – walkers by will take note and will probably want to know why a TV Crew are filming.

Types of Trade Show Videos

With a TV Presenter

1. Focused – 3-5minutes, 100% focused on your brand with a small selection of general view shots of the show.
2. Shared Focus – 3-10minutes. You will share a magazine style report with another exhibitor, or three. This is all dependant on whether or not anyone else would like a shared video. The cost is also shared amongst exhibitors.

Without a TV Presenter

3. Montage – 2-5minutes, Selection of general view shots of the show, of your staff interacting with clients and a optional talking head (a member of your staff will talk to a production assistant or one of your staff members off-camera).

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The Process

  • Initial FREE no obligation telephone or email consultation to find out what type of video you require and the overall content of the interview and video style.
  • Refundable Deposit – 50% of the agreed total amount or the full amount payable once a rough cut is produced (if it’s a last minute shoot and there’s no time for deposits).
  • If TV Presenter required – We will find availability for your chosen presenter. You can find more presenters via Star Now – a popular casting website. Your chosen presenter may not be available to film, so please select a top 3 or 5.
  • Script / Questions to ask – You will guide our producer and presenter on 2-3 key questions or specific subject matters to cover during the interview. We all want a natural interview, so we always aim to rephrase or ask different questions when we film.
  • Filming – we will generally be at any tradeshow for several hours but the interview should last around 20 minutes on the day, this includes ‘noddies’ and any rephrasing of answers. After the main interview, we will film for around 30 minutes, collecting ‘general shots’ of your stand or a specific sequence – i.e. demonstrating a certain product. Essentially, this will take around 20 minutes out of your day to film.
  • Editing – within 2-3 days you will receive a rough cut to view on a private YouTube link. We will work together to ensure it is of optimum quality.
  • Payment – Full payment is required before the video is released (via a secure wetransfer link) as a web HD optimised video file (1080p, h.264).
  • Upload – once you have ok’ed the video via a private YouTube link, you will be sent the raw web-optimised file ready for your own YouTube channel, or, we can upload to the Standard Cut Channel.
  • Video description / Video SEO – you should create a short paragraph for your video description, along with good quality video tags. We can do some of this Video SEO work for you, for free.

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